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Three tips on how to start your morning right.

Updated: Mar 6

After spending most of my twenties living with stress and anxiety (and not knowing it... but that's for a different blog!), I have come up with three really simple things you can do in the morning to help reduce stress and increase productivity. 

DON'T check your phone when you first wake up. 

Think about it. If you just wake up from your slumber and you check your phone, you are being bombarded with information from other people. 

Our brains are like sponges. According to a study done in 2011, we are now taking in five times the amount of information then we were in just 1986.

That's crazy. This is leaving our brains at a mental deficit with increasing stress, reduction in productivity and less able to make effective decisions. 

Trust me when I say this, those messages/emails won't go anywhere. You can reply to them when you are ready.  

This leads me to my next point.

Treat your mornings like they are sacred. 

Mornings for me are completely my time. The way I look at it, it gives me space and capability to tackle the day's tasks. 

I've noticed that people who get up and just head out, they are increasingly more stressed, have a feeling time urgency and are unable to complete tasks effectively. 

Give your self at least 30 minutes of downtime in the morning. Trust me, you will notice a huge difference in your stress levels, focus, and mental capability. 

Avoid additional, unnecessary information.

Here's an interesting fact about me. I very rarely watch the news. Why? It started off in 2012. I was getting ready for work (in corporate sales of course) and I noticed that I was agitated. The amount of information I was taking in was overwhelming (and not to mention the negative information). Who wants to start their day off with death and destruction? 

So one day I decided to start my morning with no news. Nothing. Not even social media. I noticed something amazing.

The underlying agitation I was feeling reduced, I was less frustrated and my ability to make decisions increased. 

All these tips are pretty simple, try them for one week. You will definitely notice the difference! 

Added bonus tip! 

For all you people out there that go on Facebook to receive messages but don't want to see your newsfeed. I have a solution. 

Download the newsfeed eradicator. Best thing I have ever done! 

Want to know how to Get Your Sh*t Together, then download the GYST Protocol here.

For more information about what I do head over here. If you want more information on stress, anxiety, digestion or burnout head over to my blog and video section.

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