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Is Your Business & Work Ethic Sustainable?

All we hear about is set a goal, chase that goal, achieve that goal and reset.

And you know what? That's not necessarily a bad thing.

However, how sustainable is your formula?

I remember in my early days as an adult, even in University, I never really thought about if what I was doing was sustainable.

Was finishing a double degree and setting up a business, in the long term, sustainable?

Let me quickly answer that for you...

Ahhhh no.

Even in the early days of working in recruitment, my workdays were not sustainable.

I would wake up at 4 am, work on a side hustle, go to the gym and then head to work and repeat that.

Now, I work with business owners, CEO's and MD's and see similar patterns emerge that are simply not sustainable.

There is only so much that your body and your mind can take of pushing the envelope before cracks will begin to show.

Before I go on, I want to clarify something.

Is a strong push in your business plan a bad idea?

Heck no.

In the short term, it's fine to have a busy week or even a busy month.

We all have them, heck I still have them.

However, it's understanding, in the long term, whats sustainable.

So what do you need to get right to ensure that your business and work ethic is sustainable?

Physical health.

This is usually the first area that falls to the wayside when it comes to the sustainability of a business.

There are a few reasons why.

Firstly, stress is a slow burn problem for a lot of people. In the beginning stages of stress (whether good or bad) it can physically feel good. You can feel like you have a lot of energy, focus and drive.

However, in the longterm, havoc will be unleashed.

Secondly, it's the first area that people will sacrifice for the success of their business.

  • Eating healthy becomes optional or too difficult.

  • Exercise regimes become obsolete.

  • And sleep becomes a luxury.

All of which, can create poor habits.

The first thing that you need to ensure is that your physical ability to undertake the pressure of building a business.

Not only that but understanding that your physical health will have a direct impact on your business.

Develop good eating habits that work for you.

Develop an exercise regime that suits you.

Develop an "everyday" baseline of what equates to ensure that you are:

a) Removing or developing coping mechanisms for stress.

b) Ensuring that you can maintain for health for the longterm.


Mindset is where all the magic happens.

One of the biggest hurdles in any part of your life, whether professional or personal goals, is ensuring you have the right mindset before you start.

Having an unsustainable mindset can lead to the downfall of any business.

Without a strong mindset:

  • Setbacks feel like overbearing failures.

  • Negative feedback can feel like a personal attack.

  • Proactivity becomes reactivity.

Creating and maintaining a sustainable mindset is essential.


Is your business model sustainable for where you're at?

For a lot of small businesses that are trying to grow, their business model doesn't evolve to sustain or maintain growth.

The biggest problems I see?

Delegation and time management.

It can be difficult to know "how" to delegate efficiently and effectively.

For a lot of leaders, they feel as though they have to do everything. As your business grows, learning how to delegate and manage your time efficiently is what will make it sustainable.

It comes back to the 80/20 rule for business.


Relationships are essential in sustaining work ethic and building a business.

Having someone to keep you in check is really important.

For a lot us, myself included, I try to keep business and personal separate. However, having a person a group of people that you can share your wins/failures is important.

Not only that, for people who don't know their own limits, need people to hold them accountable. Being that reflection to help them recognize that they're burning out.

Being a leader of a business can feel like a lonely place, but it doesn't have to be.

Having people to bounce ideas off or even to listen without judgement is essential.

A lot of the time when one of these facets is out, whether if its health, mindset, business or relationships, it can impact all different areas of our lives.

Developing a winning formula, you have to able to take a critical look at all of those areas and ensure they are all in order.

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And as always, Get Your Sh*t Together Literally and Figuratively.

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