Hi there. This is me.

I’m Katie. I’m unapologetically me.

I spent eighteen years of my life living with anxiety. I called it various things such as eating disorders, personality traits, digestive issues, fear, and/or life. Not once did I acknowledge I was stressed or that I had anxiety.

I Got My Sh*t Together in my late twenties and started evaluating everything in my life. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was frustrated from never having an answer and never realizing the effect stress and anxiety had on my life, as well as my health. 

I spent my early twenties working in corporate sales as a Type A individual that couldn’t get enough of the fast pace industry that I worked in. I utilized the adrenaline I had pumping through me and only saw how it was a positive.

At 25, everything changed. I went from being super productive and an efficient machine, functioning with only 5 - 6 hours of sleep a night, exercising six days a week and routinely working twelve plus hours, to not being able to get out of bed. My digestive system was unable to function properly. My joints swelled. My face became riddled with cold sores. And I was miserable. 

I spent three years looking for that “magic solution”. That pill, that diagnosis, that miracle. I had to find a way to reverse the slow deterioration of my body. 

There wasn’t one. 

After years of denying the effects that stress and anxiety had on my body, I made learning about it my sole focus. I looked at how I viewed work, relationships, diet, exercise and life in general. There was work to be done. 

I spent the next few years developing and refining techniques to help break the cycle of stress and anxiety. I created practical tools that, to this day, help keep stress and anxiety to a minimum. 


My health has done a complete 180 and I finally Got My Sh*t Together. 


Now my goal is to give back. 

Too many people live with misconceptions surrounding stress and anxiety.  My purpose is to bridge the gap between these fallacies and how they negatively impact our health. I provide useful and practical techniques to help people Get Their Sh*t Together.

Katie Maycock, B.Sc Nutrition

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