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1 in 3 people in the workplace across the UK have reported that they are stressed or anxious. 

That’s a large portion of every workplace. Many employees fear coming forward. 


Companies need to be taking more action to support their employees.

The impacts of stress and anxiety are becoming more and more problematic in the workplace with: 

- Increased risk of burnout
- Decreased performance 
- Increase in days off
- Decreased productivity 
- Decreased critical thinking 
- Decreased practical problem solutions 

Not only that, we have to look at the individuals that are affected.


How do I help?

With my background in nutrition and anxiety, I take an integrated approach to stress and anxiety.

I provide information on how to overcome or prevent stress and anxiety as well as discuss how to mitigate the effects through lifestyle choices (including diet and exercise). 


Corporate Programs:

- One-hour talk 
- Half Day Seminars 
- Eight-Week Program 
- 1:1 Coaching 


 Beattie Group,

lucy hollister 

Katie came into our office to deliver a talk on how we can best fuel our bodies for performance.

We all came away with a really clear understanding of what we can do to work to our best performance but also to help with stresses and anxiety. It’s not often you get to take a full hour to consider what is best to eat and so we feel very grateful to Katie coming in. Invaluable advice delivered in a fun, engaging way. Thanks Katie


Debbie fennell

Katie kindly came and ran some lunchtime sessions on anxiety for us and provided a lot of detail about how anxiety can manifest as physical symptoms which were very interesting.


 Katie is a very energetic and passionate speaker and held everyone attention as well as managing to get openness and interaction with her audience.  I would recommend Katie to anyone wanting to understand more about anxiety and how it can manifest itself in unobvious ways.

Safe style UK, 

Azmat Ali

Katie is a remarkable speaker who has a fantastic way to interact with the audience. Its a fact that different audiences give the guest speaker many challenges. Having utilised Katie’s services recently it is clear that Katie’s knowledge and presentation material was well received by my team and implemented immediately. One month on from the presentation made by Katie, my team is still benefitting from the simple techniques which Katie shared. I must add that Katie’s knowledge of sales and the challenges that come with this field are exemplary.

pinnacle club,

Mike walmsley

The coping strategies that she taught to my group of driven directors were eye-opening and any recruitment business that adopts her methodology will not only find ways to improve health and well-being in the workplace for every member of staff including themselves, but they will also be able to use well-being in the workplace as a USP to attract new staff.


Katie is highly recommended.

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